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Our Story

Hey there! 

Thanks for checking out our website and considering one of our puppies to be your newest family member. As a couple, we have bred dogs on and off over the past 45 years. It all started because we love dogs and always loved having lots of dogs around our house and property. We have raised many different dog breeds over the years, but right now, we raise Miniature Long-Haired Dachshunds and Golden Retrievers!

We have built our reputation by delivering the most adorable, healthiest, and happiest puppies to our clients. We are very vigilant about our dogs and make sure they are well cared for by a Licensed Certified Veterinarian who has always made sure our adult dogs and puppies are in good health. We make sure our adult dogs have absolutely no health concerns before allowing them to reproduce so we can ensure our puppies are as healthy as possible.

We do not allow our dams to reproduce more than once a year in order to protect our mothers and keep them as healthy and happy as possible. We never know precisely when we will have another litter of puppies, as we allow Mother Nature to dictate. So, contact us for puppy availability.

Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions you have on our current puppies. We are always happy to brag about our dogs and puppies! The best way to contact us is through our contact page.

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